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Dear Colleague:

I am writing you to introduce the new edition of the Conference on Engineering and Employment ESIEM 2022, which celebrates this year its nineteenth edition. The very positive results of the previous year’s edition shown by companies and institutions involved, as well as the stunning impact that the Conference was for the students, has encouraged us to organize also this year the event. This year ESIEM is celebrated on March 30th, 2022. The aim of the conference is twofold: first to introduce our students to companies that demand professionals, because the students will soon be entering the labour market; second to allow companies presenting themselves as an employment option for our students and thus increasing the base for future selections, facilitating the tasks of HR departments. Presentations by companies within the conference have a marked success, showing the interest of our students for the business world.

As has happened in previous years, and to encourage and make it easier for our students to participate in the event, the classes will be suspended, and ESIEM will be the only academic activity for the day. Although ESIEM is intended for students in their final years of school all them will have the opportunity to actively participate in the success of it.

We sincerely appreciate your attention and we are sure that this day will be useful for both your company and our students.


Francisco RodrĂ­guez Rubio
Director of the School of Engineering